Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Quite amusing little thing showing the power of a little marketing.

An 'exceptional' piano player called Joyce Hatto was well known for her quality of playing. Can't see any mention of her live performances here, but she had a good number of piano CD releases.

Unfortunately when people put these into their PCs, the computers would think they'd put a CD of someone else into their disc drive.

Turns out her recordings were suspicously similar to those of other artists.

Lesson is - if you're going to copy something, change the length of the CDs, the computers can't catch you then!


  1. Rebecca9:34 pm

    Hey Malcolm,
    This is Rebecca Jones from school.
    I am reading your diary :)
    How weird is that?


  2. Very weird indeed!

    Hope all is well - get in touch if you're in London