Sunday, March 04, 2007

Spotplex - Next Big Thing?

Really interesting site I just found out about from the regularly excellent Data Mining blog.

This site has the potential to give us some numbers on the 'blogosphere.'
At the moment, the only effective measurement on blogs is through Technorati and Nielsen's Buzzmetrics. Spotplex is offering the ability to measure actual readers (or at least page impressions).

It'll be interesting to see how well this service does. It has the potential to compete with both digg and google analytics. While it is doing this, it will enable us good ol' advertisers to work out how many people are reading these blog things, and give us some fantastic graphs to show what people are actually looking at.

Can't wait till this gets integrated with Swivel!


  1. robert schettino1:06 am

    Check out -- identify the opinion leaders on specific topics within blogs. It's another dimension that adds to the understanding of what's happening in social media, and who is shaping and leading the communities that pop up on certain topics.

  2. Thanks Robert,

    According to the site,
    "BuzzLogic relies on proprietary algorithms to calculate and display the most influential participants in specified social media conversations."

    Although it is able to measure the number of comments / posts and the weight of links to these posts, it doesn't give us the ability to know how many people are reading the content.

    Also, it doesn't necessarily help us when we're trying to look at how many people are looking at specific sites. It can give an idea, but no numbers.