Friday, September 29, 2006

Google Reader Redesign

OK. I admit I do see to be turning into a Google fanboy.

I'm using Blogger (Google owned), my photo manager is Picasa (Google owned), I have Google desktop search, I use personalised search (really does make a difference), I use Google translate, the only thing I don't seem to use is Google talk.

Rather annoyingly I use Google reader too. I wasn't too keen on the whole bloglines thing and I liked the idea of being able to read the RSS feeds on any computer.

They just redesigned it and it's bloody amazing. Honestly. It has loads of additional features. Check it out!

I do use some Yahoo products though - delicious, Yahoo Mail and I am registered on Yahoo instant messenger. My photos, in case you haven't noticed, are on Flickr!

That's many internet services which I use. Slightly worrying!

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