Friday, September 22, 2006

Cunning Shop

Wandered into Bath last weekend.
There was a very good shop there. Can't remember what it was called, but the design was very original. All it sold was oil and spirits.
The oil and spirits were all sold from barrels or big glass jars like this:

Very old school. Really good for making it seem a very wholesome shop - the shop was extremely clean and they had little labels describing exactly how excellent each of their products was. The prices looked very reasonable too - I think it was around £2 for 100ml of Limoncello directly form the slopes of Limoncello land.
There was a cunning catch though. You had to buy both the glass bottles and the corks separattely. They also took the chance to make up reasons why you should pay silly prices for special corks and beautifully made bottles.

Overall though, the shop was really good. Sold tons of wholesome sounding products. Would definitely go there and buy stuff (spirits will go into my own Thomas the Tank Engine Thermos) if it was in London...

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