Tuesday, September 12, 2006

EnvironmentContract - JotSpot Wiki (defra)

EnvironmentContract - JotSpot Wiki (defra)
Very interesting.

DEFRA tried to catch the Wiki bug. Really good idea - invite consultation by allowing people to edit their 'environmental contract'.

Unfortunately they didn't think it through very thoroughly.

Some of the more amusing results:

I think this shows that user generated content does allow very original comments and ideas. However, it also attracts bored people who are willing to write contributions which are not quite as serious as the government would like.
'Jeremy Clarkson... should be penalised thrice over' was a good comment though. I'd also like to know what COI think of the comment about 'Expensive advertising campaigns designed by coked up metrosexuals'...
As the Wikipedia has learnt, wikis on controversial subjects need to be looked after.

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