Saturday, March 18, 2006

Revolution Awards

Went to the Revolution awards as a guest of Yahoo. Really fun evening. It was good to get to know some people at other agencies on the table, together with running into nearly all the people within the industry around the bar after the food.

The host was Al Murray, who did a surprisingly good job. If I was the paying for the tables at the front though, he was quite harsh towards the guests at that end.

Managed to stick around till about four or five in the morning, which is always the sign of a good party. When I first started going to these, I got too drunk and had to go home early before embarassing myself. Maybe I am starting to learn how to pace myself!

Didn't win any awards and didn't notice my agency win any significant awards, but I might have missed some. It began difficult to pay attention after a couple of minutes into the proper bit of the award ceremony. I wonder if guests at the oscars particularly pay attention after the first couple of awards. Posted by Picasa

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