Friday, March 17, 2006

Metro Fest

Sometimes I need reminding why I do my job. The pay isn't that great, and there are long hours. However, every now and then I get to go to a GREAT party.

Last night I got to go to the 'Metro Fest' which was an annual party thrown by the newspaper, for their clients.

I was very impressed - they'd decked out SEOne in the style of a festival, with little tents to go inside and sit in together with food halls which were serving festival style food. This included some of the best sausage and mash I've tried for ages. They had Pete Tong and the Cuban brothers playing, and everything was awesome!!

Free drink and free food always helps to make a party great!

Did notice, however, that they invited very few new media people. I think there were only three from my company - literally everyone else was from the offline industry. No representation from the online departments of any of the full service agencies. Pretty narrow minded view, especially since they've only just launched a proper website, more than five years after launching the paper.

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