Sunday, October 23, 2005

Blog: 17 March 04. Bill Hicks

This piece is a bit close to home.

Working in adland does change some of your perceptions. When I clicked on the button to post this to the blog, I noticed that urchin are tracking the activities on Blogger.

Strange thing to notice, but then they are one of the web trackers we use at work to monitor usage. Had a good argument \ debate with Colm the other day about it. There are many parts of my job that are dark \ evil but the fact that technology allows it just makes me think it is cool!

It's all about the triumph of technology. I can use a sophisticated tracking system at work to target people who have bought a car recently and then advertise car insurance at them. Does this mean it is something bad?

Ah well - Sunday evening thoughts indeed!

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  1. Advertising the way that the internet does it is a good example of how values have been lost in society. Using Sainsbury's cards, tracking people's interests, pop-ups, cold calls, seeing what people shop for. Its all underhand and shameful.

    If we haven't asked for it, we don't bloody want it!