Monday, September 26, 2005

What a week!

Not really.

It's not been too busy a week (and a bit). My economist subscription has finally come to fruition and I've been to Torquay.

Torquay was nice and chilled. Wandered about a bit in the wonderful sunshine and in the nice countryside, but didn't manage to fully unwind while there.

The week went pretty quickly, managed to finally get one of my campaigns live: Orange Content -

Randomly I appear to be promoting my housemate's own tracks which are on here. As far as he can see, he's not getting any of the revenue from the ring tones.

It does seem strange that he doesn't get any money for tracks that he has written that are being sold using his name. Surely there is a way to get this money to him?

Went to Milk and Honey for the first time, which was very nice. Milk and Honey is a well-to-do bar with an extremely exclusive ethos behind it. You can only get in if invited by a member. More than that, they have a set of rules for behaviour at the place.

I found it a bit quiet - more like a reasonably well kitted out bar rather than anything special. Good night, one of my suppliers' wallet was hit rather hard!

The fast forward course has now started. The brief is to find a way to make Campaign magazine better. Better in terms of content but also in terms of relevance. It's a tough brief - I was hoping for something cool and consumer led.

Business to business selling is tough and there are few easily accessible research tools. Admittedly it is quite easy to ask around my peers in order to find information, but it's not representative and you have to be very careful to ask the right questions.

SPent the weekend chilling, which has not left me feeling amazingly refreshed in time for work today! Oh well.

Trying to get another campiagn live today, Should be live at some point tomorrow, but it's tough as the creative agency still have a lot to do. It's going to be really great when it is live though, they've done a really good job on the actual creative.

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