Monday, September 19, 2005

Stuart Jeffries: Corporate rudenesd

There they go again - blaming everything on Corporations.

The problem stems fropm a host of reasons, not just one!

The main reason is that everything is getting bigger and more interconnected. When you live in a little village, courtesy is more important as the people you bump into are permanent fixtures in your life. You aren't rude to them as you're going to see them again.

The problems starty when city life intrudes. If you're never going to see anyone again there's no incentive. Why help a stranger (apart from an altruistic headrush) who, in all probability, will you will never meet again.

As more and more people choose to live in bigger and bigger cities and the city centres consolidate rudeness will become more widespread. ASBOs will not help - we need to convince people of the necessities of being nice.

Presently, there is no obvious reward for being nice. Culture publicly rewards figures such as 50 Cent or Charles Clarke or Alan Sugar. The majority of public figuresd did not get there by being consistently nice to strangers. We need to find people that are consistently nice and reward them.

BBC Nice person of the year?

Teaching people to be nice will take time, effort and should be taught to parents aswell as children.


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