Friday, October 13, 2006

Cultural Week

This week has been slightly different.

On Monday I went to see 'an inconvenient truth' the Al Gore film which shows how he's single handedly trying to save the Earth. With a PowerBook apple computer. Might start staring into my laptop with an intense expression while making random presentations. Seems to work for him!

Wednesday I had a lovely dinner party with a Barrister and someone who is about to start studying to become a Rabbi. Most interesting and civilised talking over dinner.

Tonight I have been to see the new Kevin Spacey play in the Old Vic. I really enjoyed it. It wasn't the most sophisticated of plays, I think my dad would have moaned and said it was predictable and derivative. However Spacey was very impressive and the lead female (whoever she was) did a solid job. Worth seeing.

Admittedly on Tuesday I got drunk in the Roadhouse in Covent Garden. That wasn't quite as cultured...

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