Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Aftermath

The Aftermath
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Amusing story.

Went to a house party last night, to celebrate(?) Charlie leaving on a round the world trip.

He was having a fantastic time. Until he accidentally told his shiny new girlfriend about the fact that he'd had sex with one of the girls there. Six years ago. Once and never again.

For some reason this annoyed her out of all proportion. She stormed off to bed and then in the morning tried to run off without saying goodbye to anyone.
In order to move her car out, she needed to move someone's car out of the way. She tried and failed miserable, crashing the car which wasn't hers into Charlie's sister's car.
Obviously, after this convoluted series of events, it was decided (by Charlie's sister) that it was Charlie's fault everything had happened.

Therefore Charlie has to pay because he annoyed his girlfriend and she broke stuff.

Who says it's a man's world?

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