Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Strange Dream

Very very unusual for me to remember a dream, but this one was so much fun I did for once...

Dreamt that I was very late for work \ some kind of meeting. Decided to take a short cut by trying to run down a mountain to a little coast path that lead to where I was going (this made perfect sense at the time). The path got steeper and steeper until I was just sliding down. At one point I thought it might end in a sheer cliff, but I didn't mind too much.
Of course, it did end up at a sheer drop and I was left hanging on to a ledge (just like in films). Then, luckily, someone from my agency and Colm turned up to give me a hand up. Unfortunately the person from agency over-reached and fell off the cliff. I remember not caring that they fell to their death, but I honestly can't remember which person from my agency it was...
Then Dan appeared and together Colm and Dan helped me up and took me to a car where they drove me to my appointment, which was when I woke up.

Talk about a dream teaching morals - don't rely on the people from work, trust your friends instead?!

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