Sunday, November 06, 2005

Fantastic Weekend!

After a particularly hectic week at work, I managed to get some good quality time off.

Friday night I went to see Nick play at the End. None of the sets were amazingly outstanding, but it was a really good night. Nick played a brilliant set, he looks much more comfortable with having three hundred people looking on as he does his thing.

There were a good bunch of people there, I'm beginning to get used to this whole London scene. I spent last night with the London lot too. Went to see fireworks at Alexandra palace, which were pretty good though they were synced to music. More specifically to the beach boys and other gems selected by Capital FM. Ah well!
There was an extremely good turnout, though this disturbed Laura as she thought it wasn't managed very well - probably a fair point. I didn't manage to meet up with Colm et al until well after the fireworks had finished.

The rest of the night was spent drinking in the pub having fun. Today was spent not doing much, just watching TV, reading the papers and such like. It's always good to get a good bit of relaxation every now and then. Posted by Picasa

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