Monday, June 20, 2011

Unbelievably racist ad via South Africa.


------ from Google Reader
(click ad, via) An ad for matches, for chrissake. This appears to be a real ad, part of a new campaign by Y&;amp;R Johannesburg. From the agency press note: &;quot;As the layers of attempted conversation starters are rejected they are literally struck from the page, leaving the same mark as a struck match would. We incorporated the same style into the linear illustrations to make them appear that they had been drawn by a match.&;quot;
OK, but that doesn't explain why the black man in this ad isn't beating the living shit out of cartoonishly-insensitive white boy. Playing angel's advocate, I guess you could argue that this ad is trying (horribly) to "strike" a blow against racism. But I don't think a match company should be taking up that cause in its advertising. Previous racist South African ad: Apartheid humor used to sell bronzer.

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