Sunday, January 21, 2007

Nazcan Lines

My parents have recently gotten back from their holiday in Peru.

My Dad was lucky (and brave) enough to manage to get himself a flight in a little Cessna over the Lines. He got a good view:

It's always impressive to see these lines, reminding everyone how crazy people can get with religion sometimes...

Also one of those endless Alien conspiracies. I'm sure David Icke has some interesting theories about how those lines got there.

Of particular interest was this photo:

This shows a Whale with a 'trophy head' - these were shrunken heads the Nazcans kept on their belts in order to show how cool they were. Kind of their equivalent of iPods...

The area I highlighted in red (it wasn't radioactive or anything), is some old time graffiti.

I've blown it up and enhanced it here:

The text seems to be pretty much 'Hernrn(?) was here.' Sophistication was still a little way along the line. Would be interesting to find out when it was done!

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